Copper pipe

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Copper pipes imported from China
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Our company is a direct IMPORTER and distributor of copper pipes used for many different application areas, especially in the field of refrigeration:

  • Air conditioner copper tube
  • Copper water pipes
  • Copper air duct
  • Medical copper tube
  • Brass lightning protection pipe...


Copper pipe

Air conditioning copper pipes are used in the field of production, construction and installation of civil and industrial air conditioning systems. In addition, this system uses insulation insulation, compressor, refrigerator, heat exchanger to create a complete refrigeration system

The type of water conduction is applied in the field of transporting hot and cold water in large buildings, hotels... Air conduction type: used for air conduction, high pressure compressed air, no need for insulation. Medical copper tube: specially used to conduct medical gas (oxygen)  in the hospital. Most do not use outer insulation Lightning protection pipes: used in the construction of BTS stations, lightning rods. Currently, Bach Khoa Refrigeration Mechanical and Electrical Joint Stock Company (Hanoi) provides the following products:

  • Hailiang copper pipe
  • Huahong copper pipe


Copper pipe

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