Styrofoam rubber band

Product code: S000105
Used to seal the sides of ducts HT Non-ventilated air conditioner
Place to sell : N/A

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Product introduction description:



TQ duct seals are specifically designed for sealing duct joints, completely eliminating the risk of air leaks through the joints.

Has superior compression resistance, does not deform during operation, maintains stable and long-lasting function.

TQ Duct Gaskets   are supplied as pre-cut rolls in various sizes to suit all duct flange standards. Produced from flame retardant foam rubber material, with physical crosslinking, absolute closed cell structure to completely prevent the ingress of liquids and moisture to maximize product life. .

KT : 25mmWx10mLx5mmT, 50mmWx10mLx5mmT
Built-in factory-ready adhesive layer, specially designed to be used in many different temperature conditions, saving maximum cost and time during installation.