Two-sided tape

Product code: S000073
Adhesive tape for roofing
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Double-sided, tough, durable tape with excellent adhesion are the special features of this Acrylic double-sided coated tape. The adhesive layer can adhere to most smooth material surfaces such as plastic, metal, glass, etc. Suitable for fastening two surfaces of the same or different materials together.

• Color (Glue layer):  Transparent, white foam, black, silver, dark blue,...

• Color (Membrane):  White, yellow, light yellow, red, dark blue,...

• Width:  5mm, 1F, 1.5F, 1.8F, 2F, 2.5F, 3F, 4F, 4.5F, 4.8F, 5F, 10F,20F, 30F,..

• Length (1Ya = 0.9m):  5Ya, 7Ya, 10Ya, 20Ya, 30Ya, 40Ya, 50Ya, 60Ya, 70Ya, 80Ya, 90Ya, 100Ya, 110Ya, 120Ya,...