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xốp xps

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1. Over 10 years experience
2 light,hard,environmental
3 Waterproof, B1,B2
4 Easy handling,
5. Low water absorption

Product Description


What are XPS Foam Underlay Boards ?


XPS foam is an insulation board manufactured of fully recyclable material. It is produced from foamed polystyrene, a material that doe’s not deteriorate. The cell structure in the board is built up of very fine closed cells that give the product its excellent physical and mechanical characteristics.


An excellent insulation that saves energy

This special cell structure means that the sheet doe’s not conduct heat. When you lay XPS boards as an underlay any heat from your room or floor will be reflected back towards the floor surface. As you will not be wasting heat through your floor you will utilize your energy in an effective manner and thereby lower your energy consumption and carbon footprint.

Effective protection against cold and damp

XPS boards not only take care of the heat, they are also an effective guard against the cold and damp. The cold will be held back by the non conducting characteristics of the foam and as XPS board is also water repellent it will not rot or go mouldy and will help hold back any damp from your floor.


XPS boards are also resistant to cement, plaster, and most alkalis, however not against organic solvents.



- Interior wall insulation
- Roofing insulation
- Ceiling insulation
- Foundation insulation
- Precast concrete systems
- Support for tiles installation
- Highways insulation
- Road insulation
- Insulation under railways
- Airport runways insulation
- Waterproof protection
- Swimming pools
- Home and industrial applications
- Agricultural buildings
- Refrigerated trucks for roads and rails
- Earth shelters
- Ice rinks
- Tanks insulation
- Industrial freezers  

xốp xpsxốp xps

xốp xps

xốp xpsxốp xps

Packaging & Shipping


Type of CNTR




Size: 50x600x1200m    

  10pcs/package    0.036m3/pc    0.36m3/package

 55 packages

138 packages

180 packages




550 pcs

1380 pcs

1800 pcs


Distance to Port:     40 Miles from the factory to Shanghai port.  

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xốp xps

xốp xps

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